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About Us

Dissolving Division is a radical empathy-based community organization that provides training to teach participants how to utilize empathetic practices in facilitating conversations among any identity group. 


Dissolving Division is a program that was created specifically to create a further sense of community, not only at the University of Cincinnati but in the entire Cincinnati community. We are now branching out to spread the ideas of radical empathy and equity to a national platform. 


We use the primary concept of radical empathy, which is the belief that through discourse and conversation, we can seek understanding and connection with those who do not share the same identities. Radical Empathy is a game-changer. It forces participants to place themselves in the theoretical ‘shoes’ of someone they cannot relate to, to physically take on the emotions of that person and experience and solve issues. 

Meet The Team

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Akua Wilson

Ceo & Founder

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Our Clients

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